Use released versions of maven artifacts
[ccsdk/distribution.git] / dgbuilder /
2019-06-18 Dan TimoneyMerge "Fix dgbuilder image runtime dependencies"
2019-06-17 Petr OspalýFix dgbuilder image runtime dependencies 82/89982/1
2019-05-01 Dan TimoneyMerge "Update ansible-server to support playbook of...
2019-05-01 Timoney, Dan (dt5972)Update version for El Alto 02/86702/1
2019-03-24 Timoney, Dan (dt5972)Create Fluorine SR2 based containers 78/82978/2
2019-01-11 Timoney, Dan (dt5972)Changes for Fluorine 48/75248/2
2018-11-19 Dan TimoneyMerge "[CCSDK-683] fixed dg import from local git repo"
2018-11-19 Dan TimoneyMerge "fix typos"
2018-11-12 Sheshashailavas... [CCSDK-683] fixed dg import from local git repo 82/72482/1
2018-11-08 Stanislav Chlebecfix typos 07/72207/1
2018-10-23 Timoney, Dan (dt5972)Roll to initial Dublin snapshot 95/71095/1
2018-10-04 Timoney, Dan (dt5972)Roll to next snapshot version 34/69834/1
2018-06-29 Dan TimoneyMerge "Change RANGE_RULE table to support multiple...
2018-06-27 Chinthakayala,Shes... removed dependency on built-editor.min.js 01/55501/1
2018-06-06 Timoney, Dan (dt5972)Roll versions for Casablanca - distribution 63/50763/1
2018-05-30 Timoney, Dan (dt5972)Roll version to 0.2.4 63/49663/1
2018-05-23 Stilwell, David... Roll to the next Snapshot version 53/48753/1
2018-04-29 Timoney, Dan (dt5972)Roll versions step 6 : distribution poms 19/45219/2
2018-04-16 Dan TimoneyMerge "Install host key"
2018-04-10 Chinthakayala,Shes... changed the text to look for on success upload 73/41973/1
2018-04-10 Dan TimoneyMerge "Install directed graphs"
2018-04-05 Jessica WagantallUpdate docker tag convention 99/41099/1
2018-03-02 Dan TimoneyMerge "Use dependencies plugin"
2018-03-02 Smokowski, Kevin... add timestamps to install log 55/33855/1
2018-02-28 Dan TimoneyCreate nitrogen dockers 39/33239/5
2017-12-05 Dan TimoneyReplace JDBC connector 03/25603/1
2017-11-18 Jessica WagantallBump minor version 07/24207/1
2017-10-25 Dan TimoneyMerge "script to import multiple dgs"
2017-10-25 Sheshi Chinthakayalascript to import multiple dgs 43/20643/1
2017-10-25 Dan TimoneyMerge "removed the printYangToProp binaries"
2017-10-25 Sheshi Chinthakayalaremoved the printYangToProp binaries 21/19621/2
2017-09-18 Dan TimoneyMerge "Add Graph/Node to org.ops4j.pax.logging.cfg"
2017-08-28 Chinthakayala, She... [CCSDK-29]changes for dgbuilder docker image 55/8955/1
2017-08-28 Chinthakayala, She... [CCSDK-28] populated the seed code for dgbuilder 31/8931/1

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