Merge "Fix odlsli restart issue"
[ccsdk/distribution.git] / opendaylight /
2018-03-12 Dan TimoneyMerge "Fix odlsli restart issue"
2018-03-12 Timoney, Dan (dt5972)Fix odlsli restart issue 91/34991/2
2018-02-28 Dan TimoneyCreate nitrogen dockers 39/33239/5
2018-02-12 Dan TimoneyFix karaf tarball name 29/31429/1
2018-02-08 Dan TimoneyAdd nitrogen container 19/30919/1
2017-11-18 Jessica WagantallBump minor version 07/24207/1
2017-09-18 Dan TimoneyFix typo in opendaylight Dockerfile 19/13219/1
2017-09-18 Dan TimoneyMerge "Add Graph/Node to org.ops4j.pax.logging.cfg"
2017-09-18 Dan TimoneyUse mariadb JDBC connector 77/13177/1
2017-08-22 Marcus WilliamsMerge "Use docker profile"
2017-08-22 Dan TimoneyUse docker profile 01/8301/1
2017-08-21 Dan TimoneyMerge "Add platform DGs to distribution"
2017-08-21 Dan TimoneyAdd platform DGs to distribution 71/8171/4
2017-08-11 Dan TimoneyCreate base OpenDaylight container 57/7257/4

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