Merge "Unit/SONAR/Checkstyle in ONAP-REST"
[policy/engine.git] / ONAP-REST /
2019-11-18 Liam FallonMerge "Unit/SONAR/Checkstyle in ONAP-REST"
2019-11-15 Jorge HernandezMerge "Cleanup drl files in policy/engine test modules"
2019-11-15 liamfallonUnit/SONAR/Checkstyle in ONAP-REST 49/98449/4
2019-11-15 Pamela DragoshMerge "Unit/SONAR/Checkstyle in ONAP-REST"
2019-11-13 liamfallonUnit/SONAR/Checkstyle in ONAP-REST 84/98384/3
2019-11-12 liamfallonJUnit/SONAR/Checkstyle in ONAP-REST 93/98193/4
2019-11-08 Pamela DragoshMerge "JUnit/SONAR/Checkstyle in ONAP-REST"
2019-11-07 liamfallonJUnit/SONAR/Checkstyle in ONAP-REST 30/98130/2
2019-11-06 liamfallonJUnit/SONAR/Checkstyle in ONAP-REST 47/98047/3
2019-11-05 Pamela DragoshMerge "More JUnit additions for PAP-REST"
2019-11-05 Pamela DragoshMerge "Fixed Sonar issues for Console Logs"
2019-11-04 liamfallonJUnit/SONAR/Checkstyle in ONAP-REST 21/97921/2
2019-11-01 liamfallonONAP-REST DAO Sonar/Checkstyle clean and knock-on 39/97839/2
2019-10-29 Liam FallonMerge "CHeckstyle and JUnit for base package in ONAP...
2019-10-25 liamfallonCHeckstyle and JUnit for base package in ONAP-REST 96/97596/1
2019-10-24 Liam FallonMerge "Fixed the Policy GUI Editor tab right click...
2019-10-23 Pamela DragoshConsolidate PolicyRestAdapter setup 19/97419/3
2019-09-17 Jim HahnBump versions in policy/engine master 29/95829/2
2019-08-13 Jorge HernandezMerge "Fix issue for policies not loading on GUI push...
2019-08-08 Bruno SakotoReview maven dependency for snakeyaml 71/93071/1
2019-08-07 Jim HahnBump version of policy/engine 71/92971/1
2019-07-01 Pamela DragoshBump engine 1.5.1-SNAPSHOT 45/90745/2
2019-06-20 Jim HahnMerge "Upgrade to release 3.0.0 parent"
2019-06-19 Krysiak AdamImproved tests performance 68/90068/5
2019-05-31 Jim HahnBump engine to version 1.5.0 20/88920/4
2019-05-28 Pamela DragoshMerge "Updates to Dublin release notes"
2019-05-23 Pamela DragoshBump to 1.4.2-SNAPSHOT 09/88409/1
2019-05-21 Pamela DragoshMerge "Dublin Release Notes - initial version"
2019-05-16 liamfallonStep snapshot version of policy engine 89/87889/1
2019-04-10 Pamela DragoshMerge "New junits and bug fixes"
2019-04-09 Pamela DragoshMerge "Refactor getInnerDecisionApply function"
2019-04-09 Pamela DragoshMerge "fix typo that can lead on bugs"
2019-04-09 Pamela DragoshMerge "Remove duplicated code"
2019-04-09 Pamela DragoshMerge "Clean configPolicy"
2019-04-09 Pamela DragoshMerge "Fix Sonar issues in org.onap.policy.controller...
2019-04-09 Jorge HernandezMerge "CLAMP Model policy creation support"
2019-04-09 Jorge HernandezMerge "Make clientAuth header optional and log request"
2019-04-08 uj426bCLAMP Model policy creation support 68/83668/7
2019-04-06 Jorge HernandezMerge "Auditing User Operations Push or Delete Policies."
2019-04-04 uj426bAuditing User Operations Push or Delete Policies. 96/82996/9
2019-04-03 Jorge HernandezMerge "Enhancement to use the common CryptoUtils"
2019-03-31 pa834yEnhancement to use the common CryptoUtils 97/83397/3
2019-03-21 Pamela DragoshMerge "use hibernate and breakup dbdao and papservlet"
2019-03-20 pa834yuse hibernate and breakup dbdao and papservlet 47/81947/11
2018-11-08 Pamela DragoshMerge "Fix R3 model for OOF Policy Optimization"
2018-11-07 Jorge HernandezMerge "Remove exclusion of dme"
2018-11-06 Michael MokryRemoved Objective From keyword check in parser 11/72011/1
2018-11-05 Jorge HernandezMerge "Add section for CLC"
2018-11-02 Jorge HernandezMerge "Upgrade xacml 1.0.2"
2018-11-02 Jorge HernandezMerge "Update installation documentation"
2018-10-31 liamfallonSet new master version for Dublin 71/71571/1
2018-10-25 ramvermaFix refering to snapshot in policy/engine 56/71256/1
2018-10-23 Michael MokryMade change to validation to reduce complexity 89/71089/2
2018-10-23 Jorge HernandezMerge "Remove unused commons-fileupload"
2018-10-22 Michael MokryFixed Optimization Policy validation 75/70975/2
2018-09-18 Pamela DragoshMerge "Fixing issue with validation errors"
2018-09-18 Pamela DragoshMerge "Fix Policy GUI Template Issue"
2018-09-18 Michael MokryFixing issue with validation errors 77/67377/3
2018-09-18 Jorge HernandezMerge "Added validation on matching required fields"
2018-09-18 Pamela DragoshMerge "AAF integration in Policy SDK"
2018-09-17 Liam FallonMerge "Upgrade commons-compress v1.18"
2018-09-14 Pamela DragoshUpgrade springframework 4.3.18.RELEASE 73/66673/1
2018-09-11 Pamela DragoshMerge "New min/max Guard Policy"
2018-09-11 Michael MokryNew min/max Guard Policy 15/65615/4
2018-09-10 rb7147Resolved XACML Platform Sonar issues 79/65079/3
2018-09-06 Jorge HernandezMerge "XACML Platform Enhancements"
2018-09-06 Pamela DragoshMerge "TOSCA model enhancements"
2018-09-05 rb7147XACML Platform Enhancements 99/64499/9
2018-08-30 Wang,Frank(gw1218)TOSCA model enhancements 67/63867/4
2018-08-30 Pamela DragoshUpgrade to policy/parent 93/63793/4
2018-08-28 Pamela DragoshMerge "Enhancement on Dashboard"
2018-08-23 Wang,Frank(gw1218)Enhancement on Dashboard 97/61897/8
2018-07-31 Pamela DragoshMerge "Copy policy-endpoints from drools-pdp to common"
2018-07-31 Jorge HernandezMerge "Convert tabs to spaces basic refactoring"
2018-07-31 KrishnajinkaConvert tabs to spaces basic refactoring 33/58133/1
2018-07-27 Pamela DragoshMerge "Copy policy-endpoints from drools-pdp to common"
2018-07-26 Jorge HernandezMerge "Fix nested stmts issue of Sonar"
2018-07-26 Jorge HernandezMerge "Refactor code for nested stmts in policy std"
2018-07-26 KrishnajinkaFix nested stmts issue of Sonar 33/57633/2
2018-07-26 Liam FallonMerge "Fix issues reported by sonar"
2018-07-25 KrishnajinkaFix issues reported by sonar 21/57421/3
2018-07-25 Jorge HernandezMerge "Decision BlackList Guard Enhancements"
2018-07-24 rb7147Decision BlackList Guard Enhancements 63/56763/8
2018-06-08 Liam FallonMerge "Enforce logback version"
2018-06-08 Pamela DragoshMerge "Decryption messages should not be errors"
2018-06-08 Liam FallonMerge "Remove """ from logback xml files"
2018-06-08 Michael MokryFixed Model Content Validation for API 45/51045/1
2018-06-05 liamfallonUpdate engine to SNAPSHOT-1.3.0 97/50397/1
2018-05-25 Michael MokrySonar fixes for TOSCA Parser 75/49175/3
2018-05-24 Pamela DragoshMerge "Replace LOGPATH with LOGSUFFIX"
2018-05-24 Pamela DragoshMerge "Fix Issues in TOSCA Parser"
2018-05-23 Wang,Frank(gw1218)Fix Issues in TOSCA Parser 63/48563/7
2018-05-22 Pamela DragoshMerge "Update yml to use $POLICY_LOGS"
2018-05-22 Jorge HernandezMerge "Update Policy Engine to 1.2.3-SNAPSHOT"
2018-05-21 liamfallonUpdate Policy Engine to 1.2.3-SNAPSHOT 43/48343/1
2018-05-16 Pamela DragoshMerge "Upgrade SNAPSHOT to 1.2.2" v1.2.2
2018-05-16 liamfallonUpgrade SNAPSHOT to 1.2.2 19/47819/6
2018-05-01 liamfallonFix Test fail with variable length memory address 75/45475/1
2018-04-19 Jim HahnAdd license to policy-engine files 47/43747/1
2018-04-19 Pamela DragoshMerge "Remove insecure dependency on PolicyEngineAPI"

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