update oparent
[dmaap/messagerouter/mirroragent.git] / version.properties
2019-06-28 su622bupdate oparent 40/90640/1 elalto 5.0.2-ONAP
2019-04-15 sunil.unnavaset mmagenthome for logs 65/85365/1 1.1.2
2019-01-16 Ram KoyaMerge changes from topics 'cghosh-4jan-sonarfix', ...
2019-01-16 Ram KoyaMerge "Replaced std out to logger"
2019-01-09 sunil unnavabumped the version 17/75517/1
2017-11-17 Jessica WagantallBump minor version 79/24179/1
2017-08-31 Varun GudisenaAdd version.properties 81/9781/1

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