descriptionValidation scripts to validate VNF heat templates adhere to the heat template requirements from the vnfrqts project.
ownerGerrit Service User
last changeWed, 22 Jan 2020 16:22:16 +0000 (10:22 -0600)
2 days ago Lovett, TrevorVVP - Removed unused function and class 09/100609/1 master
3 days ago stark, steven[VVP] base module is allowed to not have params 72/100572/1
3 days ago Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Disallow vf_module_index look ups per R-55307 56/100556/1
7 days ago Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Allow base templates to not have resources 21/100421/1
8 days ago Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Resources not allowed in 2nd level templates 99/100399/1
8 days ago stark, steven[VVP] update PLATFORM PROVIDED param in env check 83/100383/1
9 days ago Lovett, TrevorAdd Trevor Lovett as committer 37/100337/1
10 days ago Lovett, TrevorExcluding platform provided params from vnf-params 96/100296/1
2019-12-20 Hagop BozawglanianVVP - Fixing the INFO.yaml formatting 68/99868/1
2019-12-19 Hagop BozawglanianVVP - Cleaning up the INFO.yaml file 33/99833/1
2019-12-04 steven starkMerge "[VVP] Support pluggable data sources for preload...
2019-12-04 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Support pluggable data sources for preload data 17/99117/2
2019-12-04 anushadasariRemove unnecessary check for pytest.skip 91/98591/2
2019-11-21 anushadasariUse the get_param method to simplify the extraction... 99/98699/1
2019-11-18 stark, steven[VVP] Updating vm_type class test to proceed if no... 39/98539/2
2019-11-18 steven starkMerge "Remove unnecessary check for pytest.skip"
3 months ago 5.0.1 vvp-validation-scripts 5.0.1
3 months ago 5.0.0 vvp-validation-scripts 5.0.0
19 months ago 2.0.0-ONAP 2.0.0-ONAP
2 days ago master
3 months ago elalto
8 months ago dublin
14 months ago casablanca
20 months ago beijing
20 months ago 2.0.0-ONAP

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