2019-09-18 Ezhilarasiadded Is_nova_server method to helpers 33/95933/2 5.0.0 5.0.1
2019-09-03 EzhilarasiSonar issue fix in helpers.py 25/94825/1
2019-08-30 EzhilarasiSonarfix:Reduce coginitive complexity vmtype util 51/94451/8
2019-08-27 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Generated completed preload from env files 84/94384/1
2019-08-21 stark, steven[VVP] test_environment_file_parameters violation fix 55/94055/2
2019-08-20 Steven WrightMerge "[VVP] Adding preload generation functionality"
2019-08-16 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Adding preload generation functionality 96/92296/6
2019-08-13 Hagop BozawglanianVNFRQTS - Update the rst table content 74/93474/1
2019-07-26 steven starkMerge "[VVP] All http URLs in requirement link"
2019-07-25 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] All http URLs in requirement link 57/92057/1
2019-07-25 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Fixed ParameterCollector nested get_param 16/92016/1
2019-07-24 steven starkMerge "[VVP] Fixed issue in unused parameter detection"
2019-07-24 steven starkMerge "[VVP] Tox support for installing Win pre-built...
2019-07-24 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Fixed issue in unused parameter detection 64/91964/1
2019-07-24 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Updating dependencies (except pytest) 62/91962/1
2019-07-24 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Tox support for installing Win pre-built libraries 52/91952/3
2019-07-24 Steven WrightMerge "[VVP] updating oparent version"
2019-07-24 steven starkMerge "[VVP] Adding bandit security scans and fixes"
2019-07-24 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Adding bandit security scans and fixes 08/91908/3
2019-07-24 stark, steven[VVP] updating oparent version 09/91909/1
2019-07-19 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Update AZ tests to not apply to nested templates 66/91766/1
2019-07-19 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Properly escape error messages in HTML output 52/91752/1
2019-07-02 Lokur, Manish[VVP] Modifies uses_sr_iov function in structures.py... 15/90815/1
2019-07-02 Lokur, Manish[VVP-230] Modified test_non_server_name_unique for... 54/90754/2
2019-07-01 Lokur, Manish[VVP] Bug fix in conftest.py 49/90749/1
2019-06-19 steven starkMerge "[VVP] Added support to display terms and force...
2019-06-19 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Added support to display terms and force acceptan... 69/90169/1
2019-06-17 Steven WrightMerge "[VVP] Allow multi-line error messages on error...
2019-06-14 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Allow multi-line error messages on error reports 99/89899/1
2019-06-10 Steven WrightMerge "[VVP] Fix redundant errors: missing base module...
2019-06-07 steven starkMerge "[VVP] Improved readability of reports"
2019-06-07 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Fix redundant errors: missing base module or... 54/89554/1
2019-06-06 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Improved readability of reports 49/89549/2
2019-06-06 Lokur, Manish[VVP] Adding resource ID to error message 46/89546/1
2019-06-06 steven starkMerge "[VVP] removed fixtures for the deleted tests"
2019-06-06 steven starkMerge "[VVP] Removed yamllint library"
2019-06-06 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Removed yamllint library 69/89469/1
2019-06-05 Lokur, Manish[VVP] removed fixtures for the deleted tests 45/89445/2
2019-06-05 aarjvi,desai[VVP] removing duplicate test from vvp 26/89426/1
2019-06-05 steven starkMerge "[VVP] Performance Enhancements (report generatio...
2019-06-05 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Performance Enhancements (report generation and... 86/89386/2
2019-06-04 stark, steven[VVP] updating dockerfile for with heat dependencies 85/89285/2
2019-05-30 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Exempt output section from nested get_param check 98/88898/1
2019-05-28 Steven WrightMerge "[VVP] Refine nested get_param test per R-10834...
2019-05-24 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Refine nested get_param test per R-10834 update 05/88505/1
2019-05-23 stark, steven[VVP] adding heat template-validate test 13/88413/5
2019-05-21 stark, steven[VVP] updating version and pom for elalto release 91/88191/1
2019-05-17 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Update validations based on VNFRQTS-637 23/88023/2 dublin
2019-05-16 Lovett, Trevor... [VVP] Add test for R-100260 and fix mapping 06/87906/1
2019-05-15 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] R-100280, R-100290, and aap_exempt support 09/87709/5
2019-05-14 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Adding env file checks for contrail 90/87690/2
2019-05-13 stark, steven[VVP] Adding tests for new reqs from VNFRQTS-630 98/87598/1
2019-05-10 stark, steven[VVP] updating version in pom and versions.py 80/87480/1
2019-05-09 Steven WrightMerge "[VVP] adding list support for non-server-name...
2019-05-09 Steven WrightMerge "[VVP] relaxing test_contrail_fqdn"
2019-05-02 stark, steven[VVP] adding list support for non-server-name uniqueness 34/86834/1
2019-05-02 stark, steven[VVP] relaxing test_contrail_fqdn 30/86830/1
2019-05-02 stark, steven[VVP] adding subnet_uuid to nested parameter check 28/86828/1
2019-04-29 Hagop BozawglanianVNFRQTS - update contrail validation 67/86567/2
2019-04-22 stark, steven[VVP] updating nested parameter test 56/85856/3
2019-04-17 stark, steven[VVP] updating VVP Readme to point to RTD 15/85615/1
2019-04-16 steven starkMerge "[VVP] Case-insensitive network role comparison"
2019-04-16 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Case-insensitive network role comparison 04/85504/1
2019-04-16 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Reports show test file and case now 75/85475/1
2019-04-15 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Updated network param validations per reqts 49/85349/4
2019-04-12 Steven WrightMerge "[VVP] updating v6 regex for fip/ip and fip/subnet"
2019-04-11 Steven WrightMerge "[VVP] adding base test failure message to report"
2019-04-11 stark, steven[VVP] updating v6 regex for fip/ip and fip/subnet 58/84558/2
2019-04-09 stark, steven[VVP] restricting ip index check to resources 63/84763/1
2019-04-08 stark, steven[VVP] adding base test failure message to report 63/84563/2
2019-03-21 Steven WrightMerge "VVP - Fixing script to include static validations"
2019-03-21 stark, steven[VVP] updating OS::Neutron::Port parameter tests 47/82747/5
2019-03-20 Bozawglanian... VVP - Fixing script to include static validations 04/82704/8
2019-03-08 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Ensure report.json always produced 24/81824/1
2019-03-05 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Allow AZ CDL params in nested templates 18/79718/1
2019-03-04 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Handle missing requirement in needs.json 44/79644/1
2019-02-28 Steven WrightMerge "[VVP-171] R-84123 and R-76160 test update"
2019-02-28 stark, steven[VVP-171] R-84123 and R-76160 test update 19/78719/7
2019-02-27 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Excluding GUI app tests docker image 84/79284/1
2019-02-26 stark, steven[VVP] R-95430 modified in vnfrqts 31/79231/2
2019-02-21 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Ensure VVP Docker runs as non-root 56/78956/1
2019-02-21 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] JSON report shows relative paths for "files" 52/78952/1
2019-02-20 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Fix error msg on test_network_format 79/78879/1
2019-02-18 Steven WrightMerge "[VVP] remove tests for 88540, 20947, 54458"
2019-02-15 stark, steven[VVP] remove tests for 88540, 20947, 54458 99/78599/1
2019-02-15 stark, steven[VVP] ports.py check port type 96/78596/1
2019-02-12 Hagop BozawglanianVVP - Fix nested template 48/78348/1
2019-02-12 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Allow lists in test_availability_zone 18/78318/2
2019-02-08 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Improved message on test_base_template_name 51/78151/1
2019-02-08 steven starkMerge "[VVP] Fixing internal network check"
2019-02-08 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Fixing internal network check 41/78141/1
2019-02-07 stark, steven[VVP] updating pom to ecomp-* repos 78/78078/2
2019-02-06 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Fix errors on tests with no fixtures 69/77969/3
2019-02-06 Steven WrightMerge "[VVP] revert nested resource section"
2019-02-06 Steven WrightMerge "[VVP] docker build ignore pep517"
2019-02-05 steven starkMerge "[VVP] Removing redundant requirements.json file"
2019-02-05 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Removing redundant requirements.json file 21/77921/1
2019-02-05 Lovett, Trevor[VVP] Removing invalid tests 18/77918/1
2019-02-05 stark, steven[VVP] revert nested resource section 03/77903/2
2019-02-05 stark, steven[VVP] docker build ignore pep517 90/77890/1

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