Merge "Unit/SONAR/Checkstyle in ONAP-REST"
[policy/engine.git] / BRMSGateway /
2019-10-24 Liam FallonMerge "Fixed the Policy GUI Editor tab right click...
2019-10-22 Pamela DragoshRemove useless imports and vars 18/97418/1
2019-09-17 Jim HahnBump versions in policy/engine master 29/95829/2
2019-09-10 Pamela DragoshUpgrade to released artifacts 86/95286/2
2019-09-03 Pamela DragoshMerge "Change AlertSeverity to Severity in policy/engine"
2019-08-29 Jim HahnChange AlertSeverity to Severity in policy/engine 43/94643/4
2019-08-23 Jim HahnFix license on updated engine files 17/94217/1
2019-08-23 Pamela DragoshMerge "Remove powermock to increase coverage"
2019-08-22 Jim HahnRemove powermock to increase coverage 53/94153/8
2019-08-07 Jim HahnBump version of policy/engine 71/92971/1
2019-08-06 jhhUpdate to latest common/models released versions 04/92704/3
2019-07-01 Pamela DragoshBump engine 1.5.1-SNAPSHOT 45/90745/2
2019-06-27 Pamela DragoshRemove trafficgenerator from dependency.json 15/90615/2
2019-05-31 Jim HahnBump engine to version 1.5.0 20/88920/4
2019-05-28 Pamela DragoshMerge "Updates to Dublin release notes"
2019-05-23 Pamela DragoshBump to 1.4.2-SNAPSHOT 09/88409/1
2019-05-21 Pamela DragoshMerge "Dublin Release Notes - initial version"
2019-05-16 liamfallonStep snapshot version of policy engine 89/87889/1
2019-04-15 jhhCorrections in dependency.json to match models move. 78/85278/2
2019-04-09 Jorge HernandezMerge "Make clientAuth header optional and log request"
2019-04-06 Jorge HernandezMerge "Auditing User Operations Push or Delete Policies."
2019-04-05 Hengyeupdate dependencies from policy/models 88/84188/2
2019-04-03 Jorge HernandezMerge "Enhancement to use the common CryptoUtils"
2019-03-31 pa834yEnhancement to use the common CryptoUtils 97/83397/3
2018-11-27 Jim HahnEliminate error messages about BACKUPMONITORENTITY 04/73704/1
2018-11-26 Jim HahnFix various errors in test logs 50/73550/2
2018-11-08 Pamela DragoshMerge "Fix R3 model for OOF Policy Optimization"
2018-11-05 Jorge HernandezMerge "Add section for CLC"
2018-11-02 Jorge HernandezMerge "Upgrade xacml 1.0.2"
2018-11-02 Jorge HernandezMerge "Update installation documentation"
2018-11-02 Pamela DragoshUpgrade xacml 1.0.2 41/71741/1
2018-10-31 liamfallonSet new master version for Dublin 71/71571/1
2018-10-25 ramvermaFix refering to snapshot in policy/engine 56/71256/1
2018-10-09 Pamela DragoshUpdate local dependency json 87/70087/1
2018-09-20 Michael MokryBRMSGW HTTPS support for DMaaP/UEB interfaces 03/68203/1
2018-09-18 Pamela DragoshMerge "AAF integration in Policy SDK"
2018-09-12 Jorge HernandezMerge "Upgrade dmaap client"
2018-09-12 Pamela DragoshUpgrade dmaap client 89/66189/1
2018-09-06 Pamela DragoshMerge "TOSCA model enhancements"
2018-08-30 Pamela DragoshUpgrade to policy/parent 93/63793/4
2018-07-27 Pamela DragoshMerge "Copy policy-endpoints from drools-pdp to common"
2018-07-26 Jorge HernandezMerge "Fix nested stmts issue of Sonar"
2018-07-26 KrishnajinkaFix nested stmts issue of Sonar 33/57633/2
2018-07-26 Liam FallonMerge "Fix issues reported by sonar"
2018-07-25 Jorge HernandezMerge "Decision BlackList Guard Enhancements"
2018-07-25 Jorge HernandezMerge "Fix sonar issue about nested stmts"
2018-07-25 KrishnajinkaFix sonar issue about nested stmts 51/57251/3
2018-06-08 Liam FallonMerge "Enforce logback version"
2018-06-08 Pamela DragoshMerge "Decryption messages should not be errors"
2018-06-08 Liam FallonMerge "Remove """ from logback xml files"
2018-06-08 Jim HahnRemove """ from logback xml files 69/51069/2
2018-06-05 liamfallonUpdate engine to SNAPSHOT-1.3.0 97/50397/1
2018-05-24 Pamela DragoshMerge "Replace LOGPATH with LOGSUFFIX"
2018-05-22 Pamela DragoshMerge "Update yml to use $POLICY_LOGS"
2018-05-22 Jorge HernandezMerge "Update Policy Engine to 1.2.3-SNAPSHOT"
2018-05-21 liamfallonUpdate Policy Engine to 1.2.3-SNAPSHOT 43/48343/1
2018-05-16 Pamela DragoshMerge "Upgrade SNAPSHOT to 1.2.2" v1.2.2
2018-05-16 liamfallonUpgrade SNAPSHOT to 1.2.2 19/47819/6
2018-05-08 Pamela DragoshMerge "Configuration as argument to BRMS Gateway"
2018-05-08 liamfallonConfiguration as argument to BRMS Gateway 77/46577/2
2018-05-04 waqas.ikramAdding rollback for transaction handling 45/46245/3
2018-05-01 Pamela DragoshMerge "Remove sysout from junit and disable assert."
2018-05-01 pa834yRemove sysout from junit and disable assert. 83/45183/4
2018-04-26 Pamela DragoshMerge "Fix typo in documentation"
2018-04-26 Pamela DragoshMerge "Remove unit test Java version dependency"
2018-04-25 liamfallonRemove unit test Java version dependency 47/44747/1
2018-04-25 Jorge HernandezMerge "Add JUnit for direct Sonar Nexus REST interface"
2018-04-24 liamfallonAdd JUnit for direct Sonar Nexus REST interface 35/44535/1
2018-04-24 liamfallonImplement Sonar Nexus REST interface directly 85/44385/1
2018-04-19 Jim HahnAdd license to policy-engine files 47/43747/1
2018-04-14 Jorge HernandezMerge "Upgrade to SNAPSHOT 1.2.1"
2018-04-13 Pamela DragoshUpgrade to SNAPSHOT 1.2.1 09/42809/1
2018-04-04 Jorge HernandezMerge "Add More Validations on TOSCA Model Format"
2018-04-03 Jorge HernandezMerge "ONAP log files consolidation"
2018-04-03 Jorge HernandezMerge "Update docker script for tomcat install"
2018-04-03 Pamela DragoshMerge "Documentation links"
2018-04-03 Jorge HernandezMerge "Fix BRMSGW Executable Jar Class Path"
2018-04-03 Chou, Joseph (JC2555)ONAP log files consolidation 43/40543/4
2018-04-03 Daniel CruzFix BRMSGW Executable Jar Class Path 93/40693/2
2018-03-30 Jorge HernandezMerge "Fix a Bug in View Mode"
2018-03-30 Pamela DragoshMerge "Removed checkstyle warnings"
2018-03-29 Jorge HernandezMerge "JUnit additions for ONAP-REST"
2018-03-29 Jorge HernandezMerge "Remove checkstyle warnings in policy/engine"
2018-03-29 waqas.ikramRemoved checkstyle warnings 41/39641/8
2018-03-29 Pamela DragoshMerge "Update docker tag convention"
2018-03-29 Pamela DragoshRemove security issue xstream and plexus-utils 79/39879/3
2018-03-28 Pamela DragoshMerge "Deployment documentation"
2018-03-28 Pamela DragoshMerge "POM changes to centralize test scope deps"
2018-03-28 bobbymanderPOM changes to centralize test scope deps 91/39791/2
2018-03-28 Jorge HernandezMerge "ONAP code change for log files consolidation"
2018-03-28 Chou, Joseph (JC2555)ONAP code change for log files consolidation 59/39759/1
2018-03-26 Pamela DragoshMerge "New Optimization Policy"
2018-03-26 Jorge HernandezMerge "ONAP code change for log files consolidation"
2018-03-23 Chou, Joseph (JC2555)ONAP code change for log files consolidation 07/37807/2
2018-03-16 Pamela DragoshMerge "Renamed policy-pe docker image"
2018-03-14 Pamela DragoshMerge "Policy:Blocker"
2018-03-14 Manamohan SatapathyPolicy:Blocker 45/35145/5
2018-03-13 Pamela DragoshMerge "Upgrade to latest elasticsearch"
2018-03-13 Pamela DragoshMerge "Upgrade log4j to clear security issue"
2018-03-13 Jorge HernandezMerge "JUnit additions for PAP-REST,SDK-APP"

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