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2020-04-09 Aric GardnerAutomation adds so-offeredapis.rst 08/105708/2
2019-11-07 Haibin HuangCrreate Register Module in k8s plugin 82/98082/1
2019-09-19 Bin YangFix spec error on infra_workload API 60/95960/2
2019-03-19 Bin YangMerge "Add create of workload update in AAI"
2019-03-19 liboNetProposal on SDC Client Design 51/75851/18
2019-03-14 Eric MultanenAdd create of workload update in AAI 83/82183/1
2019-03-14 Bin YangUpdate API spec to support multi-tenants 85/82085/2
2019-02-25 Huang HaibinMerge "Draft the enhancement of capacity_check API"
2019-02-21 Bin YangDraft the enhancement of capacity_check API 34/78634/5
2018-08-30 Victor MoralesMerge "Use python rstcheck to validate syntax"
2018-08-27 Victor MoralesUse python rstcheck to validate syntax 41/61141/4
2018-08-24 Bin HuMerge "Multicloud infra workload Delete and Get"
2018-08-23 Bin HuMerge "Onappylog library improvement"
2018-08-23 Huang HaibinMulticloud infra workload Delete and Get 25/61225/5
2018-08-22 liangkeOnappylog library improvement 13/61213/6
2018-08-20 Huang HaibinFix Multicloud infra workload API Format 05/61205/1
2018-08-17 Bin HuMerge "Add Multicloud infra workload API"
2018-08-17 Huang HaibinAdd Multicloud infra workload API 91/60691/5
2018-08-15 Bin YangMerge "Fix registry/unregistry doc"
2018-08-14 Bin YangProposal on security communication feature 29/57429/2
2018-08-14 Bin YangProposal to automate heatbridge 53/56853/2
2018-08-14 Bin YangPropose automating multi-region on-boarding 97/56697/2
2018-08-14 Bin HuMerge "Add design spec for API upgrading and ID alignment"
2018-07-31 Bin YangAdd design spec for API upgrading and ID alignment 71/56671/2
2018-06-05 Ethan LynnUpdate API doc 21/50321/2 2.0.0-ONAP beijing 2.0.0-ONAP v1.1.2
2018-03-26 Liang KeMerge "Add test_req_by_msb"
2018-03-26 Liang KeMerge "Add test_get_res_from_aai"
2018-03-26 Liang KeMerge "Add test_get_vim_by_id_success"
2018-03-26 Liang KeMerge "Add test_split_vim_to_owner_region"
2018-03-25 zhang abMerge "Spec for elastic API exposure"
2018-03-23 zhang abMerge "Disable DEBUG mode for framework"
2018-03-23 zhang abMerge "Migrate get vim_types to new framework"
2018-03-23 zhang abMerge "Add pecan in bootstrap script"
2018-03-23 Liang KeMerge "Fix wrong word"
2018-03-23 Hong Hui XiaoSpec for elastic API exposure 33/30133/7
2018-03-23 Bin SunFix wrong word 33/37933/1
2018-03-22 Liang KeMerge "Add forwarder function to pecan framework"
2018-03-22 Liang KeMerge "Initial code for pecan framework"
2018-03-22 Bin SunSpecs for image service 29/37029/3
2018-03-22 zhang abMerge "Specs for Event Federation"
2018-03-22 Bin SunSpecs for Event Federation 13/37013/7
2018-03-22 Hong Hui XiaoSpec for parallelism improvment of multicloud 73/28973/9
2018-03-05 Liang KeMerge "Revise vim_types API"
2018-03-05 Bin HuMerge "spec for Container based network service/function"
2018-03-05 Liang KeMerge "Add test plan for check_vim_capacity spec"
2018-03-02 Isaku Yamahataspec for Container based network service/function 27/30027/14
2018-03-01 Ethan LynnAdd test plan for check_vim_capacity spec 49/33649/1
2018-02-28 Liang KeMerge " Logging Specs for S3P"
2018-01-29 liangke Logging Specs for S3P 73/29473/1
2018-01-29 zhang abMerge "Spec for MultiCloud HPA Discovery and Represent"
2018-01-29 Bin YangSpec for MultiCloud HPA Discovery and Represent 19/29419/2
2018-01-29 Ethan LynnDesign spec of resource capacity check API 13/29413/1
2018-01-22 Li XinhuiAdd specs directory for design discussion/review 55/28755/1

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