2022-08-10 MichaelMorris[SDC] Update SDC docker images to 1.11.6 45/130245/1
2022-08-04 Fiachra CorcoranMerge "[DMAAP] DMaaP ServiceMesh compatibility"
2022-08-03 Fiachra CorcoranMerge "[POLICY] Add strimzi kafka config from helm...
2022-08-03 Fiachra CorcoranMerge "[DCAEGEN2-SVCS] Support config update via configMap"
2022-08-02 Jack Lucas[DCAEGEN2-SVCS] Support config update via configMap 09/129609/5
2022-08-02 Tomasz Wrobel[DCAGEN2] Update Datafile Collector to 1.8.0 51/129951/5
2022-08-02 Fiachra CorcoranMerge "[DCAE] Remove topic provisioning config for...
2022-07-29 Andreas Geissler[DMAAP] DMaaP ServiceMesh compatibility 15/128715/7
2022-07-29 Andreas Geissler[COMMON][CASSANDRA] Cassandra ServiceMesh Improvements 02/129902/2
2022-07-28 Vijay Venkatesh... [DCAE] Remove topic provisioning config for PM-Mapper 58/129458/5
2022-07-25 Sirisha_Manchikanti[POLICY] Add strimzi kafka config from helm charts 74/129774/5
2022-07-25 AndrewLamb[VFC] Service Mesh Compatibility 24/130024/1
2022-07-21 Fiachra CorcoranMerge "[POLICY] Add overridable helm paramaters for...
2022-07-20 Jack LucasMerge "[CONTRIB] Make AWX ServiceMesh compatibel"
2022-07-18 rameshiyer27[POLICY] Add overridable helm paramaters for k8s ppnt 71/129971/1
2022-07-15 Andreas GeisslerMerge "[DCAE] Enable optional DCAE components"
2022-07-12 Andreas Geissler[CONTRIB] Make AWX ServiceMesh compatibel 82/129882/1
2022-07-11 Andreas GeisslerMerge "[SDNC] SDNC ServiceMesh compatibility"
2022-07-11 Kanagaraj ManickamMerge "[CLI] Update port value"
2022-07-08 Andreas Geissler[COMMON][MARIABD] Fix MariaDB ServiceMesh compatibility 33/129833/2
2022-07-06 MichaelMorris[SDC] Update SDC docker versions to 1.11.4 99/129599/2
2022-07-06 guillaume.lambert[COMMON] Replace kubectl calls to bash by sh 17/129417/6
2022-07-06 Fiachra CorcoranMerge "[DMAAP-MR] Correct zoo-entrance image definition...
2022-07-06 Fiachra CorcoranMerge "[CDS] Add cps-data resourceSourceMapping in...
2022-07-06 Vijay Venkatesh... [DCAE] Enable optional DCAE components 09/129309/12
2022-07-06 sharath reddy[CLI] Update port value 73/129773/5
2022-07-04 Michal Jagiello[CDS] Add cps-data resourceSourceMapping in application... 89/129689/3
2022-06-30 Jack LucasMerge "[CDS] Service mesh compatibility"
2022-06-30 Jack LucasMerge "[COMMON] Bump ONAP version"
2022-06-28 Radoslaw Chmiel[SDNC] SDNC ServiceMesh compatibility 82/129482/3
2022-06-27 Jack LucasMerge "[RESOURCES] Enable strimzi in sm-onap"
2022-06-24 Andreas Geissler[COMMON] Bump ONAP version 74/129674/2
2022-06-23 Jack LucasMerge "[COMMON][ELASTIC] ElasticSearch ServiceMesh...
2022-06-23 Jack LucasMerge "[AAI] Service mesh compatibility improvement"
2022-06-23 Jack LucasMerge "[SO] Service mesh compatibility"
2022-06-23 Andreas GeisslerMerge "[SDNC] Update image to install final Jakarta...
2022-06-22 Jack LucasMerge "[COMMON] Network-name-gen and dgbuilder ServiceM...
2022-06-22 Jack LucasMerge "[CONTRIB] EJBCA ServiceMesh compatibility"
2022-06-22 Jack LucasMerge "[PLATFORM] Platform ServiceMesh compatibility"
2022-06-22 Jack LucasMerge "[COMMON] Elasticsearch ServiceMesh compatibility"
2022-06-22 Jack LucasMerge "[COMMON][POSTGRES] Make DB init jobs ServiceMesh...
2022-06-22 Andreas Geissler[DMAAP-MR] Correct zoo-entrance image definition in... 62/129662/1
2022-06-14 Jack LucasMerge "[DCAEMOD] Helm-gen support for log.path setting"
2022-06-13 Vijay Venkatesh... [DCAEMOD] Helm-gen support for log.path setting 64/129364/5
2022-06-08 Dan Timoney[SDNC] Update image to install final Jakarta fixes 86/129586/1
2022-06-03 Andreas Geissler[AAI] Service mesh compatibility improvement 67/129267/5
2022-06-03 Radoslaw Chmiel[PLATFORM] Platform ServiceMesh compatibility 79/129479/2
2022-06-02 Radoslaw Chmiel[COMMON] Network-name-gen and dgbuilder ServiceMesh... 81/129481/1
2022-06-02 Radoslaw Chmiel[CONTRIB] EJBCA ServiceMesh compatibility 80/129480/1
2022-06-02 Radoslaw Chmiel[COMMON] Elasticsearch ServiceMesh compatibility 78/129478/1
2022-06-02 Fiachra CorcoranMerge "[STRIMZI] Add quorum hostname verify flag"
2022-06-02 Andreas Geissler[COMMON][ELASTIC] ElasticSearch ServiceMesh compatibility 71/129471/1
2022-06-02 Fiachra CorcoranMerge "[COMMON][MARIADB] Corrected PeerAuthentication...
2022-06-01 efiacor[STRIMZI] Add quorum hostname verify flag 56/129456/1
2022-05-31 Andreas Geissler[COMMON][POSTGRES] Make DB init jobs ServiceMesh compatible 88/129188/3
2022-05-27 Maciej Wereski[RESOURCES] Enable strimzi in sm-onap 15/129415/1
2022-05-27 lukegleeson[CPS] Adding startup probe to CPS deployment 34/129334/3
2022-05-19 Andreas Geissler[SO] Service mesh compatibility 94/128994/4
2022-05-18 Fiachra CorcoranMerge "[DCAEGEN2] Update son-handler image version...
2022-05-18 malar[DCAEGEN2] Update son-handler image version to 2.1... 52/129252/2
2022-05-17 Fiachra CorcoranMerge "[COMMON] Fix more and more array bashisms step 2"
2022-05-17 Jack LucasMerge "[SDC] Fix non ssl NodePort"
2022-05-15 efiacor[SDC] Fix non ssl NodePort 12/129212/5
2022-05-15 guillaume.lambert[COMMON] Fix more and more array bashisms step 2 92/126392/6
2022-05-13 Jack LucasMerge "[DOC] Jarata rel notes update"
2022-05-13 rameshiyer27[POLICY] Fix cluster role binding name in k8s ppnt 58/129258/2
2022-05-12 Dan Timoney[SDNC] Version bump for Jakarta RC 79/129179/4
2022-05-12 dengyh[VFC] Update the container version of VFC 22/128222/9
2022-05-12 Andreas Geissler[COMMON][MARIADB] Corrected PeerAuthentication matchLabels 75/129175/2
2022-05-12 Fiachra CorcoranMerge "[EXTAPI] Update image version"
2022-05-12 Fiachra CorcoranMerge "[SDNC] Fix Oauth field"
2022-05-12 Jack Lucas[GENERAL] Add Andreas Geissler as committer 18/129218/1
2022-05-11 efiacor[DOC] Jarata rel notes update 09/129209/3
2022-05-11 Guangrong Fu[HOLMES] Fixed the Healthcheck Problem 51/129151/3
2022-05-10 efiacor[DMAAP-STRIMZI] Add strimzi kafka bridge 00/128000/16
2022-05-10 Jack LucasMerge "[HV-VES-STRIMZI] Migrate hv-ves to use strimzi...
2022-05-10 Eric Debeau[EXTAPI] Update image version 90/129190/1
2022-05-10 sebdet[SDNC] Fix Oauth field 04/129104/4
2022-05-09 efiacor[HV-VES-STRIMZI] Migrate hv-ves to use strimzi kafka 24/128824/11
2022-05-09 Andreas Geissler[CDS] Service mesh compatibility 92/128992/8
2022-05-09 Fiachra CorcoranMerge "[COMMON] Fix some k8s plug deploy.sh bashisms"
2022-05-09 Fiachra CorcoranMerge "[DCAE] Update slice-analysis-ms image version...
2022-05-06 guillaume.lambert[COMMON] Fix some k8s plug deploy.sh bashisms 58/129058/3
2022-05-05 Jack LucasMerge "[DOCS] Clean up docs etc"
2022-05-05 Fiachra CorcoranMerge "[POLICY] Upgrade image versions"
2022-05-05 Fiachra CorcoranMerge "[STRIMZI] Remove class attribute in Strimzi...
2022-05-05 Fiachra CorcoranMerge "[COMMON] Fix more and more array bashisms step 1"
2022-05-04 jhh[POLICY] Upgrade image versions 72/129072/1
2022-05-04 decheng zhang[DCAE] Update slice-analysis-ms image version to 1.1.2 65/129065/3
2022-05-04 Fiachra CorcoranMerge "[COMMON] Fix sourced script with arguments bashism"
2022-05-04 Andreas Geissler[STRIMZI] Remove class attribute in Strimzi kafka defin... 66/129066/1
2022-05-03 GuangrongFu[HOLMES] Fixed the Daily Healchcheck Problem 37/128937/4
2022-05-03 efiacor[DOCS] Clean up docs etc 43/129043/1
2022-05-03 Jack LucasMerge "[COMMON][MARIABD] MariaDB ServiceMesh compatibility"
2022-05-03 Jack LucasMerge "[AAF] Make AAF ServiceMesh compatible"
2022-05-03 Jack LucasMerge "[STRIMZI] Make Strimzi ServiceMesh compatible"
2022-05-03 Jack LucasMerge "[COMMON] Fix 'trap RETURN' and $BASHPID bashisms"
2022-05-03 guillaume.lambert[COMMON] Fix more and more array bashisms step 1 91/126391/2
2022-05-02 guillaume.lambert[COMMON] Fix sourced script with arguments bashism 03/126203/7
2022-04-29 Fiachra CorcoranMerge "[OOF] Update configuration for TN-FH in NxI...