Bump up patch version after release 1.5.1
[multicloud/framework.git] / multivimbroker / tox.ini
2019-12-10 Bin YangFix sonar coverage report issue 95/99395/1
2019-09-27 Bin YangBump version after releasing 1.4.1 15/96315/4
2019-08-15 Bin YangRebase framework to py36 98/93398/4
2019-03-05 Bin YangOptimize Docker image footprint 82/79582/6
2018-11-09 Huang HaibinMerge "Release Note in Casablanca"
2018-11-07 Victor MoralesAdd tox env to generate documentation 37/72137/1
2018-08-30 Victor MoralesMerge "Use python rstcheck to validate syntax"
2018-08-27 Victor MoralesUse python rstcheck to validate syntax 41/61141/4
2018-03-06 Ethan LynnAdd sonar 63/34363/2
2017-09-13 xinhuiliMerge "Add setup.py for multivimbroker"
2017-09-13 xinhuiliMerge "Add vim_types API to MultiCloud Framework"
2017-09-13 xinhuiliMerge "Add code coverage for multicloud framework"
2017-09-01 Hong Hui XiaoAdd code coverage for multicloud framework 09/8909/3
2017-08-30 Bin Sunadd pep8 check 99/8599/5
2017-02-22 Bin YangSetup micro-service of multivim broker

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