Add starlingx for framework
[multicloud/framework.git] / multivimbroker / multivimbroker / pub / config / provider-plugin.json
2019-01-17 Haibin HuangAdd starlingx for framework 13/75913/1
2018-10-12 Bin YangMerge "Add pike to framework in multicloud" 1.2.0
2018-10-11 Huang HaibinAdd pike to framework in multicloud 30/70230/2
2018-09-29 Sudhakar ReddyMerge Multipart API with InfraWorkload 52/69552/2
2018-09-03 Bin YangRefactor windriver plugin namespace 79/64179/2
2017-12-26 xinhuiliMerge "Bump minor version"
2017-12-26 xinhuiliMerge "Remove sample folder in code"
2017-12-14 Ethan LynnMake cloud provider plugin configurable 85/26285/4

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