Update INFO.yaml file
[dmaap/messagerouter/mirroragent.git] / INFO.yaml
2019-03-07 Jessica WagantallUpdate INFO.yaml file 66/79866/1 1.1.1
2019-02-13 sunil unnavaupdate INFO.Yaml 31/78431/1
2019-02-07 varun gudisenaMerge "update the shell script"
2019-02-07 varun gudisenaMerge "update the shell script"
2019-02-05 varun gudisenaMerge "update the credentials in subscribe call"
2019-01-18 varun gudisenaMerge "Removed unused imports and log file"
2019-01-17 Ram KoyaMerge "Update INFO.yaml file"
2019-01-15 Jessica WagantallUpdate INFO.yaml file 87/75787/1

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