pom updates
[ccsdk/distribution.git] / ansible-server / src / main / docker / Dockerfile
2019-01-31 Dan TimoneyMerge "Install saltstack-adapter jar"
2019-01-29 Taka Choalpine build, implement to follow VNF anisble Req 16/77516/3
2018-09-20 Dan TimoneyMerge "Dependency management for Restconf Client"
2018-09-19 Agarwal, Ruchira... fix ansible inventory path 47/67847/1
2018-09-13 Dan TimoneyMerge "Updating aai version in aaiclient.properties"
2018-09-12 Dan TimoneyMerge "Add dependencies for blueprint-processor"
2018-09-12 Timoney, Dan (dt5972)Add ansible-server to ccsdk 31/66131/1

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