Use released parent pom
[ccsdk/distribution.git] / platform-logic / a1Adapter-api / src / main / resources / graph.versions
1 A1-ADAPTER-API getNearRT-RICs ${project.version} sync
2 A1-ADAPTER-API getHealthCheck ${project.version} sync
3 A1-ADAPTER-API getPolicyTypes ${project.version} sync
4 A1-ADAPTER-API createPolicyType ${project.version} sync
5 A1-ADAPTER-API getPolicyType ${project.version} sync
6 A1-ADAPTER-API getPolicyInstances ${project.version} sync
7 A1-ADAPTER-API createPolicyInstance ${project.version} sync
8 A1-ADAPTER-API getPolicyInstance ${project.version} sync
9 A1-ADAPTER-API deletePolicyInstance ${project.version} sync
10 A1-ADAPTER-API getStatus ${project.version} sync
11 A1-ADAPTER-API notifyPolicyEnforcementUpdate ${project.version} sync

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