Prepare for release 2.7.1 - 2.7.1.yaml
[aaf/authz.git] / INFO.yaml
2020-01-30 Jessica WagantallAdd new committers 59/100959/2
2019-11-06 Jonathan GathmanMerge " -Declare "value" on a separate line"
2019-10-14 Jonathan GathmanMerge "Extract the assignment out of this expression"
2019-10-14 Jonathan GathmanMerge " declaration of thrown exception"
2019-10-09 Instrumentalupdate INFO.yaml 18/96718/5
2019-03-07 Sai GandhamMerge "Improve Batches"
2019-03-02 Jessica WagantallAdd missing INFO.yaml blocks 28/79528/1
2019-01-30 Jonathan GathmanMerge "Sonar Fix:"
2019-01-30 Jonathan GathmanMerge "Sonar fix:"
2019-01-30 Jonathan GathmanMerge "update anonymous inner classes with lambdas"
2019-01-30 Jonathan GathmanMerge "Sonar Fixes - ActionPuntDAO and subclasses"
2019-01-28 Sai Gandhamupdate LF ID for sai gandham 54/77454/1
2019-01-23 InstrumentalCommitter Changes 39/76239/1
2018-07-20 Jonathan GathmanMerge "Sonar fixes related to exceptions"
2018-07-20 Jonathan GathmanMerge "Sonar fixes related to exceptions"
2018-07-20 Jonathan GathmanMerge "System dependent separators"
2018-07-20 varun gudisenaMerge "Fix up several JUnits which were using real...
2018-07-20 InstrumentalDocument AAF Installation 63/57063/1
2018-07-03 Jonathan GathmanMerge "Fixes sonar issues in API_Artifact"
2018-06-13 Jonathan GathmanMerge "fixes in RolesShow."
2018-05-25 Jonathan GathmanMerge "Add docs structure & locate coverage"
2018-05-24 Jessica WagantallChange Huabing's info 31/49031/1
2018-05-18 Jonathan GathmanMerge "Install tools/libs from doc hub image"
2018-05-18 varun gudisenaMerge "fix truststore builder script"
2018-05-18 Jonathan GathmanMerge "Add INFO.yaml file"
2018-05-18 Jessica WagantallAdd INFO.yaml file 49/33049/3

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