Sonar cleanup and remove duplicate code
[policy/engine.git] / ONAP-XACML / src / main / java / org / onap / policy / xacml / std / pap /
2019-11-21 Pamela DragoshSonar cleanup and remove duplicate code 26/98726/1
2019-11-20 Ram Krishna VermaMerge "Unit/SONAR/Checkstyle in ONAP-REST"
2019-11-19 Jorge HernandezMerge "Format ONAP-XACML and add JUnit"
2019-11-19 Pamela DragoshFormat ONAP-XACML and add JUnit 29/98329/6
2018-02-07 Jorge HernandezMerge "Implement Encryption on Passwords"
2018-02-07 Pamela DragoshMerge "Adding JUNITs for ONAP-PAP-REST"
2018-02-07 Pamela DragoshMerge "Continue addressing technical debt for ONAP...
2018-02-06 Gao, Chenfei (cg287m)Continue addressing technical debt for ONAP-XACML 15/30515/2
2018-02-01 Jorge HernandezMerge "Reduce technical debt"
2018-02-01 Jorge HernandezMerge "Continue addressing technical debt for ONAP...
2018-01-31 Gao, Chenfei (cg287m)Continue addressing technical debt for ONAP-XACML 89/29889/1
2018-01-31 Pamela DragoshMerge "Fix technical debt and reduce lines"
2018-01-31 Pamela DragoshMerge "Addressing Technical Debt for ONAP-XACML"
2018-01-29 Gao, Chenfei (cg287m)Addressing Technical Debt for ONAP-XACML 49/29349/5
2017-12-06 Pamela DragoshMerge "Refactor to provide Common Policy Validation"
2017-12-06 Jorge HernandezMerge "Fix Sonar Issues for BRMSGW"
2017-12-05 Michael MokryModified the code to fix various pushPolicy issues 39/25339/2
2017-08-24 Pamela DragoshMerge "Sonar fix forONAP-PAP-REST critical sonar issues"
2017-08-23 Jorge HernandezMerge "Fixes for sonar critical issues"
2017-08-23 Tej, TarunFixes for sonar critical issues 07/8307/4
2017-07-31 Guo Ruijing[POLICY-73] replace openecomp for policy-engine 81/6081/6

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