Unit/SONAR/Checkstyle in ONAP-REST
[policy/engine.git] / ONAP-REST / src / main / java / org / onap / policy / rest / util / PolicyValidation.java
2019-11-27 liamfallonUnit/SONAR/Checkstyle in ONAP-REST 91/98891/1
2019-11-19 Jorge HernandezMerge "Format ONAP-XACML and add JUnit"
2019-11-18 liamfallonUnit/SONAR/Checkstyle in ONAP-REST 12/98512/3
2019-11-15 Jorge HernandezMerge "Cleanup drl files in policy/engine test modules"
2019-11-15 Pamela DragoshMerge "Unit/SONAR/Checkstyle in ONAP-REST"
2019-11-13 liamfallonUnit/SONAR/Checkstyle in ONAP-REST 84/98384/3
2018-10-23 Michael MokryMade change to validation to reduce complexity 89/71089/2
2018-10-23 Jorge HernandezMerge "Remove unused commons-fileupload"
2018-10-22 Michael MokryFixed Optimization Policy validation 75/70975/2
2018-09-18 Pamela DragoshMerge "Fixing issue with validation errors"
2018-09-18 Michael MokryFixing issue with validation errors 77/67377/3
2018-09-18 Pamela DragoshMerge "AAF integration in Policy SDK"
2018-09-11 Pamela DragoshMerge "New min/max Guard Policy"
2018-09-11 Michael MokryNew min/max Guard Policy 15/65615/4
2018-07-31 Pamela DragoshMerge "Copy policy-endpoints from drools-pdp to common"
2018-07-31 Jorge HernandezMerge "Convert tabs to spaces basic refactoring"
2018-07-31 KrishnajinkaConvert tabs to spaces basic refactoring 33/58133/1
2018-07-27 Pamela DragoshMerge "Copy policy-endpoints from drools-pdp to common"
2018-07-26 Liam FallonMerge "Fix issues reported by sonar"
2018-07-25 Jorge HernandezMerge "Decision BlackList Guard Enhancements"
2018-07-24 rb7147Decision BlackList Guard Enhancements 63/56763/8
2018-06-08 Liam FallonMerge "Enforce logback version"
2018-06-08 Pamela DragoshMerge "Decryption messages should not be errors"
2018-06-08 Liam FallonMerge "Remove """ from logback xml files"
2018-06-08 Michael MokryFixed Model Content Validation for API 45/51045/1
2018-03-28 Jorge HernandezMerge "ONAP code change for log files consolidation"
2018-03-28 Pamela DragoshMerge "Documentation: Release Notes; Installation;"
2018-03-27 Jorge HernandezMerge "Policy Installation documentation"
2018-03-26 Pamela DragoshMerge "New Optimization Policy"
2018-03-26 Michael MokryNew Optimization Policy 27/36327/7
2018-02-08 Pamela DragoshMerge "MS Model Input Validation"
2018-02-08 Jorge HernandezMerge "FFix the Bug of Missing fields on View Screen"
2018-02-08 Michael MokryMS Model Input Validation 37/30337/8
2018-02-08 Jorge HernandezMerge "Upgrade dependencies to clear security issues"
2018-02-07 Ankitkumar PatelFixed the sonar issues in ONAP-REST. 85/30685/1
2018-02-01 Jorge HernandezMerge "Included Policy GUI Enhancements and validations"
2018-02-01 rb7147Included Policy GUI Enhancements and validations 21/30021/4
2018-02-01 Jorge HernandezMerge "Reduce technical debt"
2018-02-01 Jorge HernandezMerge "Continue addressing technical debt for ONAP...
2018-01-31 Ankitkumar PatelFixed the Sonar technical debt. 73/29573/4
2018-01-12 Jorge HernandezMerge "Sonar cleanup for PolicyEngineUtils"
2018-01-03 Pamela DragoshMerge "Adding PolicyType to getConfig Response"
2018-01-03 Pamela DragoshMerge "Policy Elastic Search Validation Enhancements"
2018-01-03 Pamela DragoshMerge "Adding SONAR fixes for"
2017-12-11 Michael MokryAdding SONAR fixes for 51/26051/1
2017-12-06 Pamela DragoshMerge "Refactor to provide Common Policy Validation"
2017-12-04 Michael MokryRefactor to provide Common Policy Validation 75/25175/4

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