Merge "[AAI] OOM AAI resources healthcheck based on Cassandra DB Healthcheck"
[oom.git] / tox.ini
2022-09-02 Cédric OllivierForce py3.8 in tox.ini 72/130572/2
2021-12-16 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[GLOBAL] Move to Gitlab"
2021-12-15 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[DMAAP][MR] Allow kafka to run with < 3 replicas"
2021-12-15 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[GLOBAL] Bump Java JRE image"
2021-12-15 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[GLOBAL] Bump curl image"
2021-12-15 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[COMMON] Make our common charts compatible with...
2021-12-15 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[COMMON] Make namespace configurable"
2021-12-13 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[COMMON][MARIADB] Bump version to 10.6.5"
2021-12-13 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[COMMON][MONGO] Bump Mongo to latest 4.x version"
2021-12-13 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[HOLMES] Alter table to align with Ves 7.1 chang...
2021-12-13 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[COMMON] Add a pre-commit-auto-update tox profile"
2021-12-13 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[DCAEGEN2] Add missing configurations in son...
2021-12-13 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[DCAEGEN2] Update healthcheck to version 2.4.0"
2021-12-13 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[COMMON] Add a shellcheck tox profile"
2021-12-13 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[COMMON] Changed mongo storage location to enabl...
2021-12-12 guillaume.lambert[COMMON] Add a pre-commit-auto-update tox profile 01/126201/3
2021-12-12 guillaume.lambert[COMMON] Add a shellcheck tox profile 00/126200/3
2021-12-11 guillaume.lambert[GLOBAL] Move checkbashisms to a dedicated script 99/126199/3
2021-12-09 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[ROBOT] ADD BULKPM testsuite to use helm based...
2021-12-08 guillaume.lambert[COMMON] Fix & add to bashisms CI failover scripts 43/126143/3
2021-12-08 guillaume.lambert[COMMON] Fix "local var=XX" bashisms 16/126116/4
2021-10-29 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[DCAEGEN2] Added imagePullSecret to cleanup...
2021-10-27 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[CPS] Service Mesh Compliance for CPS"
2021-10-27 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[SDC] Exposing new parameters in chef config"
2021-10-21 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[COMMON] Fix trailing blanks found by pre-commit"
2021-10-20 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[HOLMES] Bumped the version of holmes-rule-mgmt"
2021-10-20 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[DMAAP] Bump image versions"
2021-10-20 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[COMMON] Adds 2 upper-constraints files to pin...
2021-10-15 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[OOF] Update OOF image versions"
2021-10-14 Cédric Ollivier[COMMON] Adds 2 upper-constraints files to pin all... 31/124531/4
2021-10-11 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[DMAAP] Use the common mariadb-galera instance"
2021-10-11 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[DCAEGEN2-SERVICES] Update chart with service...
2021-10-06 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[CONTRIB] Update chart with service account"
2021-10-06 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[HOLMES] Update chart with service account"
2021-10-06 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[VFC] Use common mariadb-galera instance"
2021-10-06 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[CLI] Update chart with service account"
2021-10-04 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[COMMON] Update root certificates"
2021-10-04 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[POLICY] Add helm chart for k8s participant"
2021-10-04 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[COMMON] Add and run pre-commit linters via...
2021-09-30 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge changes If3c9758c,I704fc2ee
2021-09-27 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[AAI] Updating AAI for CNF Updates"
2021-09-27 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[MSB]Update MSB docker images version"
2021-09-26 guillaume.lambert[COMMON] Add and run pre-commit linters via tox 36/124136/7
2021-09-26 guillaume.lambert[DOC] Fix some doc8 issues 88/124488/1
2021-09-24 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[POLICY] Updated policy-clamp-fe image"
2021-09-24 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[OOM] Add comments for importCustomCerts in...
2021-09-24 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[CPS] Fix issues in the ncmp-dmi-plugin charts"
2021-09-24 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[COMMON] Enforce checkbashisms tox profile"
2021-09-22 Guillaume Lambert[COMMON] Enforce checkbashisms tox profile 48/119248/17
2021-05-21 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[DCAEGEN2] Upgrade vescollector to 1.9.2"
2021-05-11 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[COMMON] Add custom certs into AAF truststore"
2021-05-03 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[DCAE] Dashboard container revision"
2021-04-30 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[DCEAGEN] Add app-config volume mount to common...
2021-04-29 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[CDS][MARIADB] Use specific configuration"
2021-04-29 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[SDC] Add chart for helm-validator microservice"
2021-04-27 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[COMMON] Fix condition equality bashisms"
2021-04-27 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[AAI] Keycloak integration into aai-resources...
2021-04-27 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[DOC] Decrease Sphinx tox profiles logs verbosity"
2021-04-24 guillaume.lambert[DOC] Decrease Sphinx tox profiles logs verbosity 88/120888/1
2021-04-08 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[HOLMES] Fixed the Start-up Failure in the Duals...
2021-04-08 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[COMMON] Add a checkbashisms tox profile"
2021-04-06 Guillaume Lambert[COMMON] Add a checkbashisms tox profile 22/118922/7
2021-03-18 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[AAI] Update certs to be valid until Jan 2022"
2021-03-09 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[POLICY] Update released versions"
2021-03-08 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[VNFSDK] Use the newest image"
2021-03-08 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[SO] Update camunda sql scripts for new version"
2021-03-04 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[MULTICLOUD] Update multicloud k8s image to...
2021-03-04 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[DCAEGEN2] Add subproject ves-openapi-manager"
2021-03-03 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[DCAEGEN2] Update bootstrap to 3.0.2"
2021-03-03 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[AAI][SPARKY] Automatically retrieve certs"
2021-03-03 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[AAI] Use honolulu m3 released artifacts"
2021-03-03 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[GENERAL] Allow different port for svc and pod"
2021-03-02 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[SDNC] Fix sdnrdb discovery issue"
2021-03-02 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[CLI] Set version to 6.0.1"
2021-03-02 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[EXTAPI] Deploy R8 container image with nexus...
2021-03-02 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[A1P] Retrieve the certificates automatically"
2021-03-02 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[COMMON] Add some python linters in tox.ini"
2021-02-23 Guillaume Lambert[COMMON] Add some python linters in tox.ini 43/117943/3
2021-02-19 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[GENERAL] Fix failed chart list reporting in...
2021-02-16 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[COMMON][CASSANDRA] Service mesh compatible...
2021-02-15 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[VID] Automatically retrieve certificates"
2021-02-15 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "Change path to daexim directory"
2021-02-12 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[DCAEGEN2] Upgrade prh-app-server to 1.5.5"
2021-02-11 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[DCAEGEN2] Update cm-container and consul-loader"
2021-02-11 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[PORTAL][CASSANDRA] Configure Heap"
2021-02-11 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[POLICY] Migration of clamp to policy area"
2021-02-11 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[COMMON] Update words whitelist URL"
2021-02-11 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[COMMON] Add a spellchecker tox profile"
2021-02-11 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[AAI] Remove unused AAF proxies"
2021-02-10 Guillaume Lambert[COMMON] Update words whitelist URL 72/117672/2
2021-02-10 Guillaume Lambert[COMMON] Add a spellchecker tox profile 09/117309/5
2021-02-10 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[COMMON] Create certManagerCertificate chart"
2021-02-08 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[COMMON] Fix tox docs profiles configuration"
2021-02-02 Guillaume Lambert[COMMON] Fix tox docs profiles configuration 43/117343/2
2020-12-17 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[COMMON][MARIADB] Upgrade Mariadb DB galera...
2020-12-17 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[ROBOT] Uses new tpls for repos / images"
2020-12-17 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[SO] Use readiness check job support"
2020-12-17 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[COMMON] Add job support for readinessCheck"
2020-12-17 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[DOC] Update example override files in quick...
2020-12-16 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[POLICY] Remove bash shell"