Merge "[AAI] OOM AAI resources healthcheck based on Cassandra DB Healthcheck"
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2022-01-03 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[COMMON] Fix more array bashisms"
2021-12-16 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[COMMON] Fix some array bashisms"
2021-12-16 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[GLOBAL] Move to Gitlab"
2021-12-15 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[DMAAP][MR] Allow kafka to run with < 3 replicas"
2021-12-15 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[GLOBAL] Bump Java JRE image"
2021-12-15 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[GLOBAL] Bump curl image"
2021-12-15 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[COMMON] Make our common charts compatible with...
2021-12-15 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[COMMON] Make namespace configurable"
2021-12-14 Sylvain Desbureaux[GLOBAL] Move to Gitlab 50/126150/8
2021-12-13 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[COMMON][MARIADB] Bump version to 10.6.5"
2021-12-13 Krzysztof OpasiakMerge "[COMMON][MONGO] Bump Mongo to latest 4.x version"
2021-12-13 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[HOLMES] Alter table to align with Ves 7.1 chang...
2021-12-13 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[DCAEGEN2] Add missing configurations in son...
2021-12-13 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[DCAEGEN2] Update healthcheck to version 2.4.0"
2021-12-13 Sylvain DesbureauxMerge "[COMMON] Changed mongo storage location to enabl...
2021-12-11 guillaume.lambert[GLOBAL] Move checkbashisms to a dedicated script 99/126199/3