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[multicloud/framework.git] / docs / MultiCloud-APIv1-Specification.rst
2020-05-06 Bin YangFix API spec doc format 52/107252/1
2020-01-15 Haibin HuangAdd Ger register API document in framework 06/100306/1
2019-05-17 Bin YangUpdate infra_workload API spec 32/87932/3
2019-05-16 Bin YangFix rst format issue 25/87825/2
2019-05-15 Bin YangAdd Proxied OpenStack API 51/87751/2
2018-11-27 Bin YangMerge "bump version to 1.2.3" into casablanca
2018-11-27 Huang HaibinMerge "Update metadata example in API spec" into casablanca
2018-11-27 Bin YangUpdate metadata example in API spec 74/73674/1
2018-11-16 Bin YangUpdate metadata example in API spec 89/72889/1
2018-11-03 Bin YangRefactor the docs 27/71627/8
2018-10-12 Bin YangMerge "Add pike to framework in multicloud" 1.2.0
2018-10-11 Bin YangAPI reference for v1 28/70128/3

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