Update MultiCloud committer info
[multicloud/framework.git] / INFO.yaml
2020-07-06 Bin YangUpdate MultiCloud committer info 34/109834/3 master
2019-08-06 Bin YangUpdate committers info 52/92752/3
2019-04-26 Bin YangMerge "Fix group id of broker package"
2019-04-24 Bin YangUpdate info.yaml to add new committer 45/85945/5
2019-02-19 Bin YangMerge "Fix infraworkload forwarder"
2019-02-18 Bin YangUpdate committer INFO 25/78625/2
2018-08-24 Bin HuMerge "Multicloud infra workload Delete and Get"
2018-08-23 Bin HuMerge "Onappylog library improvement"
2018-08-23 Ethan LynnMerge "Add swagger for server action api"
2018-08-22 Jessica WagantallAdd INFO.yaml file 05/61705/3

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