5 hours ago Joseph KeenanMerge "URI is not absolute when service name is not... master
24 hours ago Toine SiebelinkMerge "Composite State to handle dmi-reg YANG updates"
26 hours ago mpriyankComposite State to handle dmi-reg YANG updates 84/129284/7
28 hours ago DylanB95ESTURI is not absolute when service name is not set 15/129315/1
4 days ago DylanB95ESTRemove NCMP tag from properties 74/129274/1
7 days ago Toine SiebelinkMerge "Watchdog-process that syncs 'ADVISED' CM Handles"
7 days ago DylanB95ESTWatchdog-process that syncs 'ADVISED' CM Handles 02/129102/10
8 days ago Joseph KeenanMerge "Add graceful shutdown for Session Manager"
8 days ago emacleeAdd graceful shutdown for Session Manager 54/129154/19
8 days ago Toine SiebelinkMerge "Update DMI Registry yang to support DataStoreSyn...
9 days ago LathishUpdate DMI Registry yang to support DataStoreSyncState 89/129189/3
9 days ago DylanB95ESTWatchdog Process-Make Configurable 55/129155/10
9 days ago Toine SiebelinkMerge "Add ncmp tag to application yaml"
10 days ago Toine SiebelinkMerge "Improve Local Running of CSIT Tests"
10 days ago lukegleesonImprove Local Running of CSIT Tests 91/129191/1
10 days ago DylanB95ESTAdd ncmp tag to application yaml 81/129181/1
2022-05-06 sourabh_sourabhSecurity Logging Fields 56/129156/1
2022-05-05 sourabh_sourabhSecurity Logging Fields 01/128801/13
2022-05-03 Joseph KeenanMerge "Fix sonar code smells"
2022-05-03 Joseph KeenanMerge "Watchdog-process that changes CM Handles state"
2022-05-03 kissandFix sonar code smells 17/129017/2
2022-05-03 Toine SiebelinkMerge "Updated the documentation with limitation of...
2022-04-29 Toine SiebelinkMerge "[STRIMZI] Add strimzi kafka notes"
2022-04-29 DylanB95ESTWatchdog-process that changes CM Handles state 18/128718/17
2022-04-29 Toine SiebelinkMerge "Fix sonar code smells"
2022-04-29 kissandFix sonar code smells 42/128942/3
2022-04-28 LathishUpdated the documentation with limitation of leaf condition 81/128981/1
2022-04-27 emacleeAdd methods to Lock Anchor entity 82/128282/29
2022-04-26 Toine SiebelinkMerge "Fix Absolute Path to list with Integer/String...
2022-04-25 LathishFix Absolute Path to list with Integer/String key 38/128238/16
2022-04-21 Bruno SakotoReview spring framework dependency 83/128783/2
2022-04-18 Renu KumariDocument ncmp-inventory error code in openapi 06/128706/3
2022-04-12 sourabh_sourabhRefactor existing model sync code into separate package 41/128341/3
2022-04-12 LathishFix ANTLR version issue 92/128492/1
2022-04-11 Cédric OllivierAdd bounds to sphinx requirement 41/128441/1
2022-04-11 DylanB95ESTFix Sonar Qube Violations 16/128416/1
2022-04-08 DylanB95ESTFix Sonar Qube Violations - Recurring task 97/128397/1
2022-04-08 Joseph KeenanMerge "Refactoring/ Adding Tests for Validation"
2022-04-08 DylanB95ESTRefactoring/ Adding Tests for Validation 69/128269/11
2022-04-08 Toine SiebelinkMerge "Fix to stop build failure on CopyrightCheck...
2022-04-08 Toine SiebelinkMerge "Update info.yml for new Committer"
2022-04-07 JosephKeenanUpdate info.yml for new Committer 69/128369/1
2022-04-07 lukegleesonFix to stop build failure on CopyrightCheck Error 63/128363/1
2022-04-06 Bruno SakotoMerge "dmi plugin version updated to 1.2.0-SNAPSHOT...
2022-04-06 JosephKeenanQuery based on Public CM Properties 41/127541/32
2022-04-06 puthuparambil... dmi plugin version updated to 1.2.0-SNAPSHOT-latest 39/128339/2
2022-04-05 sourabh_sourabhAsync: NCMP Rest impl. including Request ID generation 24/128124/8
2022-04-05 puthuparambil... [cps] Fix getResourceDataForPassthroughOperational... 58/128158/15
2022-04-05 Bruno SakotoMerge "Structured Exception details for DMI"
2022-04-04 mpriyankStructured Exception details for DMI 16/128116/13
2022-04-01 Renu KumariUpdate CM-Handle registration response 48/128148/9
2022-04-01 ToineSiebelinkFix issue around duplicate build tag 30/128230/2
2022-03-31 Toine SiebelinkMerge "Additional validation for names/identifiers"
2022-03-30 Toine SiebelinkMerge "Copyright Check Script"
2022-03-30 DylanB95ESTAdditional validation for names/identifiers 94/127594/31
2022-03-28 Toine SiebelinkMerge "Updated the Documentation with sample yang and...
2022-03-28 Renu KumariRegistration Response for Create cmhandles operations 06/128106/2
2022-03-25 Toine SiebelinkMerge "Add Start and Stop sessions on JAVA API"
2022-03-25 lukegleesonCopyright Check Script 92/127792/4
2022-03-25 Renu KumariRegistration Response for Update and Delete cmhandles... 91/127891/15
2022-03-25 emacleeAdd Start and Stop sessions on JAVA API 13/128013/5
2022-03-25 Toine SiebelinkMerge "Update maven build deploy version"
2022-03-25 LathishUpdated the Documentation with sample yang and json 19/127819/9
2022-03-24 JosephKeenanUpdate SpringBoot when approved version has Log4J 2... 11/128011/6
2022-03-24 emacleeUpdate maven build deploy version 68/128068/1
2022-03-23 Toine SiebelinkMerge "Update log4j dependency version from 2.17.1...
2022-03-22 Bruno SakotoMerge "Update docs to add info on providing additional...
2022-03-22 Toine SiebelinkMerge "Return Registration response for updating cmhandles"
2022-03-22 Renu KumariUpdate docs to add info on providing additional config 06/127906/3
2022-03-22 emacleeUpdate log4j dependency version from 2.17.1 to 2.17.2 53/127953/1
2022-03-21 ToineSiebelinkUpdate versions for next release 28/127928/2
2022-03-21 Renu KumariReturn Registration response for updating cmhandles 96/127696/11
2022-03-16 Bruno SakotoUpgrade to next snapshot version 56/127856/1
2022-03-16 Bruno SakotoRelease container artifact for version 3.0.0 50/127850/2
2022-03-16 Bruno SakotoRelease maven artifacts for version 3.0.0 36/127836/1
2022-03-15 Bruno SakotoCreate primary documentation for Jakarta release 96/127796/3
2022-03-15 efiacor[STRIMZI] Add strimzi kafka notes 93/127793/1
2022-03-14 sourabh_sourabhAsync: NCMP Rest impl. including Request ID generation 18/127718/3
2022-03-14 Toine SiebelinkMerge "Replacing ModelMapper with MapStruct"
2022-03-11 Bruno SakotoMerge "Async: NCMP Rest impl. including Request ID...
2022-03-11 Toine SiebelinkMerge "Updated cmhandle registration openapi documentation"
2022-03-11 Toine SiebelinkMerge "Removed ExtendedModuleReference Object"
2022-03-10 Renu KumariUpdated cmhandle registration openapi documentation 72/127672/2
2022-03-10 lukegleesonReplacing ModelMapper with MapStruct 89/127489/7
2022-03-10 sourabh_sourabhRemoved ExtendedModuleReference Object 93/127493/12
2022-03-10 sourabh_sourabhAsync: NCMP Rest impl. including Request ID generation 49/127149/24
2022-03-08 Bruno SakotoMerge "Dependency Injection using Lombok"
2022-03-07 mpriyankDependency Injection using Lombok 13/127513/1
2022-03-04 DylanB95ESTUpdating sequences in db migration script 99/127499/2
2022-03-03 Bruno SakotoMerge "Update dmi-registry yang to support cmHandle...
2022-03-03 Renu KumariMerge "Bug fix for delete data node not working for...
2022-03-03 puthuparambil... Bug fix for delete data node not working for root node 97/127397/6
2022-03-03 lukegleesonUpdate dmi-registry yang to support cmHandle State 60/127060/15
2022-03-02 ToineSiebelinkUpdate dependencies as recommended by SECCOM 43/127443/1
2022-03-02 Toine SiebelinkMerge "CPS-475 - Fix SQ codesmells introduced as aprt...
2022-03-02 JosephKeenanCPS-475 - Fix SQ codesmells introduced as aprt of CPS-887 39/127439/1
2022-03-02 mpriyankAddressed refactoring comments related to method name 35/127435/2
2022-03-01 Toine SiebelinkMerge "Adding missing rollback for Liquibase change...
2022-03-01 DylanB95ESTCreate Endpoint For Get Cm Handles By Name 44/126844/25
2022-03-01 lukegleesonAdding missing rollback for Liquibase change logs 61/127261/3