Add dependencies for blueprint-processor
[ccsdk/distribution.git] / odlsli / src / main / docker / Dockerfile
2018-09-12 Alexis de TalhouëtAdd dependencies for blueprint-processor 01/66201/2
2018-07-06 Timoney, Dan (dt5972)Manually update feature boot 61/55961/1
2018-07-03 Dan TimoneyMerge "Install ansible apt repo manually"
2018-07-02 Timoney, Dan (dt5972)Install ansible apt repo manually 61/55661/1
2018-06-22 Timoney, Dan (dt5972)Improve odlsli startup time 93/55293/1
2018-06-19 Timoney, Dan (dt5972)Update odlsli for ODL Oxygen 45/55045/1
2018-03-16 Dan TimoneyMerge "changed the references of sdnc to ccsdk"
2018-03-15 Timoney, Dan (dt5972)Fix config dir name 13/36013/1
2018-03-13 Timoney, Dan (dt5972)Fix config dir name 11/35611/1
2017-09-18 Dan TimoneyMerge "Add Graph/Node to org.ops4j.pax.logging.cfg"
2017-09-14 Marcus G K WilliamsAdd Graph/Node to org.ops4j.pax.logging.cfg 71/12571/1
2017-08-22 Marcus WilliamsMerge "Use docker profile"
2017-08-22 Dan TimoneyUse docker profile 01/8301/1
2017-08-21 Dan TimoneyMerge "Add ODL + SLI container"
2017-08-21 Dan TimoneyAdd ODL + SLI container 97/8197/1

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