[AAI] Remove Robby Maharajh & Harish Kajur as committers
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2018-06-07 mark.j.leonardAdd support for loading VNF Catalog XML files 55/50955/1
2018-06-06 mark.j.leonardRefactor for Sonar smells and code coverage 97/50697/1
2018-04-26 mark.j.leonardConvert project from AJSC to Spring Boot 21/44921/1
2018-04-03 Blackwell, Ian ... Revisions made to the Model Loader to use Babel 49/40749/1
2017-07-06 James ForsythMerge "Update .gitreview with onap URL"
2017-06-27 Blimkie, Steven... Allow handling of legact model artifacts 77/5577/1
2017-02-09 Steve SmokowskiInitial OpenECOMP A&AI Model Loader commit 85/185/1